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Detailed molds

Fypon has been manufacturing high quality urethane millwork for years. The creation of their millwork products takes place by injecting high-density urethane into detailed molds to create architectural elements such as; ceiling medallions, louvers, moldings, dentil blocks, brackets, door surrounds, crossheads and balustrade systems. Since Fypon creates their products with molds they are frequently referred to as "molded millwork", whereas wood millwork is a milled product. When comparing wood millwork to a manufactured urethane millwork, such as Fypon, there are five main differences to consider. 888-375-1163


Closed cell structure

   Versatility One characteristic of Fypon millwork is that its closed cell structure prevents water absorption, making it moisture resistant. In addition, urethane is splinter resistant and insect resistant. These qualities allow Fypon to be a suitable product for both the interior and exterior of your home. Moldings, dentil blocks and brackets are examples of products ideal for both indoors and outdoors. On the other hand, outdoor installation of wood millwork requires a different grade and finish than is necessary for interior installation.


Highest requirements

Quality Because Fypon is a manufactured product the highest requirements for quality control are in place to ensure a constant level of quality and excellence. Each piece is finished with a UV resistant white primer guaranteeing a consistent finish. In comparison, wood can posses many variations such as discoloration, gouges and/or knots. The natural occurrences in wood can result in waste and create an inconsistent appearance between each piece.

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Millwork Pro Guys provides Durability and Longevity

   Durability and Longevity Look closely at any wooden exterior architectural elements and you will be sure to find at least one of the following issues; warping, splitting, rotting, and insect damage. Although wooden accents can be beautiful they definitely will need routine maintenance and eventually be replaced. Fypon has successfully created their urethane millwork to posses the same level of detail and architectural authenticity as its wooden counterparts. However, unlike wood, Fypon urethane resists warping, splitting, weather and insect damage. These qualities make urethane molded millwork a durable product with substantial longevity, which is ideal for exterior millwork exposed to the elements such as; linear moldings, louvers, gable pediments, sunbursts, crossheads and decorative brackets.

Millwork Pro Guys Labor Saving Another

    Labor Saving Another notable difference between molded millwork and wood is that wood is very labor intensive for the installer. Wood millwork requires sanding, priming, and painting. Whereas, Fypon arrives with a UV resistant primer coat already applied. Therefore, it does not require sanding or priming which in turn will save you high labor costs that would otherwise be incurred with wood.

Millwork Pro Guys and molded millwork

   Overall Value Fypon molded millwork is a value added product in that it is reasonably priced and can instantly increase your home's resale value. Fypon does not require a lot of maintenance and maintains its attractive appearance over a long period of time. On the other hand, the market price of wood fluctuates. And because wooden millwork does require periodic maintenance and may need to be replaced over time your return on your investment will decrease. Call Millwork Pro Guys now, 888-375-1163.

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